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Our die changers can support to any machines of new, existing or secondhand (retrofit). We propose die changers so the that customers limited space can be used effectively. By combining various option, we can configure customers equipment to be the best fit.

QMC System

Mold changer for injection molding machines. such as Twin-stage traveling cart, Fixed single-stage table charger (One-way style). We can offer other variations of die changer. Please feel free to contact our sales representative in details.

Other Decices

Die split-inverting device, Mold opening-closing device, Die/mold delivery cart, Traveling cart with inverting function, Battery powered traveling cart, Hook drive unit, Fixed twin-stage table with slide-action, and Cartoning machine.

Advantage Points of Susaki-QCS are improvement of safety, reducing time for die/mold change, and labor saving



It has passed decades since we came out with our die/mold changers. During this period, we have provided such products that meet any and all needs of our customers. Particularly in recent years, customers’ needs of have become diversified, and this diversification is anticipated to be more multifaceted. In the future, as ever before, we will combine their valuable needs based on their individual experiences with our original idea in order to create more value-added die/mold changing systems. And we will keep pursuing improvement in our technology and quality, so that our products can play active roles in our customers’ factories throughout the nation and the world.

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  • 23/05/2018 20:32

Our customers are located all over the world

Our customers are located all over the world

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  • 23/05/2018 20:22

SUSAKI-Quick Change System

Over 30 years have passed since we came out with our die/mold changers. During this period, we have met any and all needs of our customers.

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  • 22/05/2018 08:47

Technology of SUSAKI

Most of SUSAKI-QCS are custom-made. Each one of them is processed on our machining centers and other precision machine tools and assembled by the skilled hands of our technicians. Until today, we have shipped out over 2,000 units of SUSAKI-QCS to the world market, and they have been highly evaluated by the world industries for their superb functions.

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