Technology of SUSAKI

22/05/2018 08:47


For changing molds of injection molding machines, for example, an overhead crane operation has been used as a main mold change means.(It’s a top loading style.) It has been supposed, the safety to improve by a side loading style can be maintained to a certain degree. However, in recent year, factories using this style have been obliged to conduct risk assessment to investigate dangerousness, hazardousness and take necessary countermeasures (under Article 28 (2) of the Industrial Safety and Health Act). In order for the customers to improve high evaluation at factory's risk assessment, we propose the introduction of the SUSAKI-QCS.




The die/mold change time is one of the most important parts of high-mix low-volume production. With the SUSAKI-QCS, we propose various die/mold changers based on our ideas in addition to our normal changers. Particularly for injection molding machines, you can have higher productivity than existing one by combining the "preliminary temperature control of the next mold", the "intensive control", and etc. with the SUSAKI-QCS.




Reducing working labor of the conventional die/mold change operation is also an important part for productivity improvement.We propose the equipment improvement to facilitate laborsaving with the SUSAKI-QCS.